Эгалитарное Мужское Движение

Мужское движение по защите прав мужчин

About EgMRM

Egalitarian Men’s Rights Movement (EgMRM) is an international community of people who strive to enlighten and provide systematic assistance to men struggling to survive in the immensely hostile and dangerous modern world.

EgMRM is a community of people who have realized that the real cause of the demographic catastrophe, short male life expectancy, demise of the family, unhappiness in personal life of hundreds of millions of people lies in the global discrimination of men and fathers by the legal system, systematic suppression of the natural manifestations of masculinity, intentional diminishing, discrediting, marginalization and ridiculing of manhood and fatherhood in the mass media, social norms, culture and art.

EgMRM is for the real but not formal equality of sexes before the law – equality under which any mention of sex in the law and the ensuing discounts, preferential treatment and double standards in favor of one sex at the expense (discrimination) of the other must be completely eliminated and forbidden by the law in correspondence with the Constitution of the Russian Federation (ch.3, artilcle 19).