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Защита прав мужчин и отцов

10 reasons to join the EMM

The Men’s Movement is a last bastion of freedom in countries where men are subjected to total discrimination on a daily basis, and infringement men’s rights is stipulated by laws.

Russia ranks the first place of male suicides, discrimination, stigmatization and extended mortality range between men and women in the world.

A man in Russia is similar like a slave of woman. He is only seen as earner, breadwinner and “expendable material”. But he does not receive anything in return besides spitting attitude from society, diseases and deaths. The EMM fights against blatant discrimination, extra mortality of men and public opinion about “Man shall”.

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Hello, comrades. Today I enumerate 10 reasons, why you and only you should join to the Men’s Movement.

The first reason is a possibility to gain psychological assistance after women’s divorcing scam. Not all of them, but there is in most of cases. Many men collide with a fairly common problem: they cannot eat, drink and sleep. They are subject to panic attacks and depression. So, the EMM has well-established mechanisms of heartache minimizing and comrades’ assistance using the principle: “If somebody helps you, please help another in response”.

Second one. EMM participants always stealing the covers as some of the persons say. But there is a real brotherhood behind the screen of competition, which is ready to help each other not just words, either, theirs actions.

The third. There are a lot of people in the EMM who are ready to share by their legal experience of discrimination counteraction. Lawyers are ready to help in real life and describe possible chances of different cases. They are pleasant to provide assistance for you. Lawyers won’t conspire behind your back. They don’t make false promises, especially, in exchange for money, e.g. about leaving a child with a man etc. There are no illusions about you could belong to one percent of such court cases. Only family lawyer Anton Sorvachev can explain all your possible chances and activities in different situations.

The fourth point. There are funny resources in the EMM. You will not be boring. Please, visit our social network and forum at “mrmdating.ru”. You could read lots of stories about relationship, find associations, try it on yourself for prevention further mistakes.

The fifth position. The main goal of the EMM is the requirement for legislation to be according to cases and facts but not only written laws. West law is for example: they cannot leave a child with a person who uses alcohol and drugs, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, there are millions of cases in Russia when children are staying with a woman, who cannot provide them necessary minimum for normal life; despite the father could be a wealthy person.

Six. Our EMM is not connected with any ideology, religion etc. It is international and out of politics. The EMM defends men’s rights initially. Russian men are the most oppressed in any places of country. The EMM opposes useless waste of funds, e.g. against recently established large benefit payouts for the first child because this fact only increases a number of violence and count of orphanages population. Also, to my mind, providing such benefit sponsors the use alcohol and drugs, because this decreases population and natality and causes “the genocide”.

Seven point. We are greeting of communication with different authorities, who support our position. We are always ready for meaningful conversation. The EMM requires canceling the monstrous alimony system, that kills most of men and does not allow developing the state economy, does not allow man to live normally during 18 years while payments are being made.

The last position. The EMM is for abolition of men conscription. Because men and women are equal according to the Constitution. Well, why are women not subject to compulsory military service? So, either women have an obligation to serve or conscription must be cancelled.

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