Правозащитный союз 19 ноября

Защита прав мужчин и отцов

About the Men’s Movement (What is the Egalitarian Men’s Movement?)

The Egalitarian Men’s Movement (EMM) – is an international community of people, which main goals are education and ongoing assistance for men’s survival in an extremely hostile and dangerous modern world for them.

The EMM is the union of people who have understood that reasons of demographic disaster, extra early men mortality, destruction of the family institution and other countless misfortunes in personal life are the global discrimination of men and fathers in the legal field, the constant suppression of masculinity in its natural manifestation, purposeful cheating, discrediting, planting criminalization and clowning the man’s image by mass media, public opinion, social stereotypes, art & culture etc.

The EMM requests real, non-perfunctory gender equality before the law. All gender mentions in the laws, as a result double standards, allowances and preferences for representatives of specific gender, which using discrimination against the second gender must be excluded and forbidden by laws according to the Russian Constitution (article 19, paragraph 3).

The requirement list from the EMM to officials:

  1. Abolition of conscription.
  2. Lowering the retirement age to 55 years for men.
  3. “Men’s Health” state program development and implementation.
  4. Fair trial on determining the placement of children when parents divorced.
  5. Cancellation of alimony (money support) for minor children.
  6. Cancellation of alimony for the mothers of pre-three-year-old child.
  7. Abolition of the death penalty for men. (A moratorium is currently in place).
  8. Abolition of strict and special regime colonies. (Currently they only contain men).
  9. Development and implementation the state Program for the prevention of suicide among men.
  10. Adjusting the legislation according to the Russian Constitution (article 19, paragraph 3), abolition of all gender references.
  11. Equating radical feminism (that encourages hating against men) with extremism.
  12. Introduce a ban on the use a negative man’s image in advertising and mass media.
  13. Restoration of men’s reproductive rights. E.g. if a woman wants a child, but a man does not – he must have the right to refuse it and must not bear any parental responsibilities.
  14. Full Amnesty for all alimony debts.
  15. Add the International Men’s Day on November 19 to the calendar. This day must be as a weekend.
  16. Mandatory DNA test to establish the actual paternity of all newborns. This test must be conducted by medical institutions and paid by the state.
  17. Priority of the Marriage Contract over the Family Code.
  18. Measures development of economic assistance for further businessmen.
  19. Specialized shelters and permanent rehabilitation centers development. They are both for men, who suffered from family circumstances, and for all men, who were left without a place of residence.

The EMM offers following literature for learn the ways how to conduct you in real life:

“Not-a-real-man” by Biryukov.

“Woman. Textbook for men” by Novosyelov.

“A woman and where her button is” by Vis Vithalys

“Omega’s memoirs” by Mikhail N.

“Antibitch pills” by Cliff

In addition, we recommend reading Dmitry Seleznev’s articles and MGTOW collected papers.

EMM Coordinators:

Mikhail Nesterov – biologist, writer, live broadcasts host, blogger.

Anton Sorvachev – family lawyer, blogger.

Ruslan Dyagilev – “First Aid for Men” founder, blogger.

Alexey Pak – Saint Petersburg cell Coordinator.