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You’re an Introvert, but You’re Afraid to Admit It.

There are often heard complexes on the topic of introvertism: “I’m an introvert, I’m afraid of people, it’s hard for me to get acquainted”. You may now think: “Everything is lost, put out the light, the sentence is passed” because you are an introvert. Now I tell you the truth and it will surprise you. There is the vast majority of the population on Earth – introverts. The reason is very simple: there is no clear division between introverts and extroverts. Each person gets along with both at the same time, but in different proportions, which vary from circumstances. Usually, a person is 60% introvert and 40% extrovert. In case of personal tragedy, the person will shy away from society, i.e., will become a 90% introvert. But sometimes an introvert turns into an extrovert. For example, under alcoholically influence.

I tell you a secret about psychology: it is now at the level of alchemy – not yet a science. But there are a lot of science-like words in it, which makes it seem like science. But when scientists will understand how the brain works, they will invent a scanner that could see how thoughts run in the head –a new science with a different name will be formed in that moment, as the heir of psychology. Now this is still a fishing expedition.

The next secret: if you complex that you are not an extrovert, then you have never met them. One day, when you meet a pronounced extrovert (90%), you will hate this. What is the difference? An introvert needs to be alone to think, and when his thoughts are at a standstill, he wants to talk to someone. For an extrovert, on the contrary, he needs to find a companion to think, and pour all the shit that is currently hanging in his head on companion ears. When the interlocutor is completely drenched in the thoughts of an extrovert, an extrovert has an inspiration. The listener is not at all pleased that he was so used and thrown away. The extrovert is not particularly concerned about the state of the introvert. He has a consumer attitude.

An extrovert cannot stand being alone. When he is at home alone, he keeps the front door open-this is a subconscious desire to attract company. He turns on the music loudly and is even a little happy when the neighbors knock on the walls. He walks undressed around the house with open windows, just to pay attention to it. I use the masculine gender here, but this behavior is observed in women. She can also go out naked on the balcony and pretend that she didn’t notice anything. But she will be happy to note for herself how many looks she has caught. And another very important point of extroverts, they do not like to read long articles, smart books. They rely only on others, take smart thoughts from them. Extraverts prepare for exams in the same way: interview fellow students, remember the answers on the go. They choose creative professions mostly related to performances.

Introverts say they can’t be in a crowd, at a disco etc. What they don’t know is that the crowd is mostly introverts. People who feel like a fish in water there have just been in such situations many times. The same applies to working collective. There are almost all introverts, because they had to study, get an education, and study smart books. It happens that through acquaintances, a pronounced extrovert has arranged in such a team. And he or she begins to poison the lives of others because of their desire to constantly attract attention. Their favorite method is to tease others and make them justify themselves.

As a conclusion from all of the above, how can you now envy the quality that everyone has, including you?


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