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You’re Not an Alpha, And That’s Great News!

My previous article about Alpha males contains a lot of words, most do not have time to read, and so they remained under their delusion. In short, I tried to explain why you will not find a single classic Alpha as the Head of most countries in the world.

When the Alpha says, “Come out coward, let’s fight with our fists like real men”, the Beta male comes up with a law according to which this brawler can be put in jail. All sorts of Beta, Gamma etc. – this is a derivative of Evolution. However, we are all descended from the same intelligent ancestor; there is no classic APE-type Alpha among humans. A person shows a wild beginning in different circumstances and begins to behave like an Alpha monkey. Bad boys who hurt everyone at school usually have drug-addicted parents. However! It is necessary precisely a combination of factors that the boy was originally born an Alpha and plus bad parents. If a boy was born a Beta and had bad parents, lived in terrible conditions, then he understands from an early age that he needs to make every effort to get off early and does not become such a parent in adult life.

While Alpha is interested in sports, watching sports programs with fanaticism, hotly discussing which boxer will fill the face of another; Beta is studying at this time. Beta is poorly socialized, in part because Alpha tries to dominate during adolescence and beta does not get the necessary communication skills with girls. Remember the school, as soon as Beta approaches the girl, Alpha is immediately drawn and humiliates beta. Alpha shows all the boys that communication with the girls is his prerogative. That is, he is successful in girls not from birth, but because he had been received the necessary skills during adulthood.

Then adult life begins. Since admission is now mostly paid, thanks to Alpha’s parents, they enter the University. Studying at a University is not a school or a college. The amount of knowledge in the first year is enormous. From my life, I remember the first course, all the subsequent ones seemed very easy to me. The Alphas can’t stand it, and for the most part they leave. Expelled Alphas from the University go to the army. Alphas even like it very much: control, discipline, everything is clear and understood. They were ordered go there, so they go there, were ordered shoot there – shoot there. The warlord has already thought it out for you. That’s why the General can think. By the way, American generals from time to time try to return conscription system to the Army. For not to miss out all the Alphas, whose parents discouraged.

A University degree doesn’t do much in terms of work. But it is very easy to identify a person who has gone through extensive intellectual training. This person has learned to structure and sort information, to identify the rational grain. Such people will not be lost.

Then Beta finishes University, goes to work and he started to think about his personal life. It turns out that the women have already given birth to children from Alphas, realized that it is difficult to live with them, and have divorced. Just then Betas has arrived, – straight from the tin. On the one hand, they will have a hard time; on the other hand, history knows many examples when a divorced woman with a “trailer” (child from the previous marriage – interpreter’s comment) was selected by Beta and such “trailers” show outstanding results in adult life. For example, Steve Jobs. Steve’s own father became a waiter, and Steve came to the restaurant several times to see him. The father did not know that he was serving his own son. Steve considered his real father to be his stepfather, who played an important role in the emergence of the Apple Corporation. Steve inherited the Alpha-qualities from his own father, such qualities are evident in the management of the company, but his stepfather brought up the necessary Beta-qualities so that Steve could become a leader. If you interested in, please, read the Wikipedia. There are all about the classics of the genre. For example, in my previous article about Alphas, I wrote that they are poorly versed in sanitation. There is a case when Steve jobs cooled his feet in the toilet of the Corporation. A Beta would take a pitcher, fill it with water, and tip it over the toilet with his foot in the air, as a reasonable person who can invent. And Apple would never have appeared if jobs hadn’t befriended classic Beta Steve Wozniak, who created the first Apple computer. And you can make friends by touching interests. They had it – a love to electronics, Steve Jobs got it thanks to his stepfather Paul Jobs.

What should a Beta male do when he realized that he missed a chance to walk around the girls in time? The main recommendation is to understand how the world works, and when you know the rules of the game, you understand how to win. I recommend reading my other article – “What is your benefit or learn to say NO”.

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