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The Real Facts About New Child Housing Support

Good day, friends! I am family lawyer Anton Sorvachev, and now let’s examine new amendments to the Family Code. The Federal Law “About Amendments to the Family Code (Article 86)”, which was recently accepted by the State Duma. Also called: “The Child Housing Support” Law. Look at this paper. Quite small. I am going to explain what all this is all about.

I watched how different non-professional people from different channels and resources from the YouTube to newspapers are talking nonsense.

But our channel is true channel. Let’s show all the truth about this Law. Let’s go.

What does suggest this Law? Yes, this paper is all the Law.


“Amendment the Family Code next way:

Change the words:

“Serious disease, injuries of underage kids or disabled adult child which need a payment for outside care or in other cases”

To words:

“Serious disease, injuries of underage kids or disabled adult child which need a payment for outside care, COMMA lack of suitable residential premises for permanent residence or in other cases”


Article 86 sounds as follows: (here is printing copy of the Family Law)

“When there is no agreement and if there are exceptional circumstances (next aforesaid in brackets – Serious disease etc.) each parent can be attracted by the court to participate in incurring additional expenses which are necessary in these circumstances. Procedure for parents’ participation of these expenses is determined by the court based on the material marital status of the parents, the children and other and other relevant interests of the parties, in the exact amount of money subject to the monthly payment.


This Law adds the phrase to the Family Code: “Lack of suitable residential premises for permanent residence”.

Thus, until accepting this Law the Article 86 worked following – I spell it out for you.

Let’s say your child is seriously ill, it needs medical assistance and health insurance is not enough. Each of us has health insurance. Need money for healing. Children stay with their mothers 95 percent of the time. But mothers harm them. Yeah, I know quite a few such cases. OK. Child is ill. But father – he is a bad guy – cannot provide the payment. Different reasons. Small salary or he is a disabled person. Or he was in an accident. Well he can’t help. He earns only 10000 rubles like a half of Russia population.

So, ex-wife – the mother of a child – she goes to court. She provides necessary analyses, medical papers and tells to the court: “A child must live! It needs several medical activities”. She provides the Treatment with Medical Centre and shows that all this was really need for the child to heal it. “There are my expenses. Please, oblige the father to pay for it. I have all necessary papers” she asks.

And there is such bad established judicial practice in Russia. Despite the phrase “other cases” the court usually charged the father for medical expenses. Only for child health.

Now, the absolutely man-hating Committee for family, maternity and childhood Affairs – there is in the State Duma. Notice that title does not contain words about Fathers. To my mind, this Committee considers that family is only mother and child, no more. This is only mother and child! That’s all! Father is like replacement cartridge and he should go fuck himself. And totally, father is not the one who conceived, but the one who supported. There may be total number 2, 3, 10 or 15 of fathers. It would be nice. This is position of Committee, which offers such Law.

I want to reemphasize the Committee is an absolutely man-hating. It consists of women, which had broken their families in most cases. Women want to solve their problem at the expense of men. Only their problems. Non common with father. He has no right to raise them for a long time, but should support children. The Committee offers ex-husband must provide payment for Child and Mother Housing Support besides medical expenses. There are 95 percent of cases children staying with mothers, no matter, if the mother is drug addict. It is enough that she is a mother of a child. Regardless the Family Code, where the equality of parents’ rights is prescribed. Regardless of the Russian Constitution, where the equality of men’s and women’s rights is prescribed. No matter what, Russian men-hating courts always deliver children to mothers. Practically always. There is one exception when a child is 10 years old, its opinion can be taken into account. If you have an excellent family lawyer. By the way, advertising rights, contact me. But child opinion could not be taken into account, if you considered that you do not need a family lawyer in case of relying only on yourself.

Now the Committee offers in addition to child support, mother support (Yes, there is such alimony to support mother with a pre-three-year-old child), maternity capital (Notice, non-father, but maternity!) and other alleged ways of robbing man, it wants to oblige to pay for the house for mother and child. I’m even saying that this is a good field for scammers. I will not voice the details so that the scammers will not hear it. It is only my value judgment.

So, this Law is absolutely man-hating, completely corrupt. I don’t know how it will be checked for corruption. Especially according to Russian anti-male policy at all the stages. It won’t do any good, I assure you. Also I assure you that a child does not need neither alimony nor housing support, a child needs the father. But in most situations trouble-mothers kick the father from children rising. And Russia does not have a system which real guarantees children rising rights for father. Not one time per month, according to the established timetable – this can be only as toilet paper. There is no such system. But you’ll go to jail if you don’t pay child support. There is relevant criminal article. That is, if you do not pay for these expenses, you will have problems up to jailing. Nobody cares, have you job or not, have you salary or not. Set in stone money for alimony. Cannot? Nobody cares! There will be penalties, criminal liability. So, go to jail. But stay in prison does not justify alimony penalties. I emphasize, nobody asks men’s opinion about all these laws. It twists men’s balls. In spite of they are already in the grip.

If you have become a father you got caught. You got caught. Such laws are bad for the Men’s Movement.

And I remind for the stupid gifted people who write and justify such laws. So far, two people are involved in the birth of a child. If one does not want, another has a problem vice versa. It is necessary to raise a child by two parents. Psychological researches show that a child who was raising without father, such child has troubles with the law etc. Such person will be psychological invalid. So I am even glad to see these men-hating women from the Committee for family, maternity and childhood Affairs. They have a power to involve such laws for robbing their ex-husbands. I am sure, that is the main goal to do that. Property, alimony etc. But it will not end well.

What do you think about it? Please, write a comment. Like my video, subscribe the channel, sure press the bell. My channel is real true.


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