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What is Your Advantage in Being Able to Say “NO”

Let me start with a rough example. Imagine that you live with a girl and she has no desire to cook for you. She gets a brilliant idea. She brings a saucer to eat after going to the toilet.

“Ugh!!! I won’t eat this!” you will answer and do the right thing. Now imagine that your girl offers to rewrite the apartment to her mother, or transfer the amount from the sale of the house to her account. And you do. In the first case, “No” was said by your limbic system – an ancient part of the brain inherited from the time of the reptiles. It works instantly and truthfully. Smell disgusting causes a reaction of escape. In the second case, the intelligent part of the brain is responsible for analyzing the situation; it has the ability to lie. In the scientific community, this part is called the “deceitful brain”. A man assumes that if he does everything a woman says, life continues as before. Because a man needs three things to be happy:

1) Constant sex.

2) Comfort in the house.

3) No scandals.

The man does everything she asks. For him, everything is simply and honestly “you give to me – I give to you”. Seems logical, right? Well, a man the apartment. He provides the account number, not his own, but his girlfriend or her mother. Let’s say she told him that her Bank has a lower fee and so on. The amount of three million rubles transfers to her. After that, she finds a reason for the scandal, you swear, and she leaves you and collects your money. She fools this man. The man panics and goes crazy. So, is there even a woman who will never fool you? There is only your mother. (Although I know stories when it’s not so. This is usually a special case; the child’s father had a psychological abnormality that was inherited by his son. There are such diagnoses, when it seems that a person grows normal, but then gets up a game.) Why doesn’t a mother fool her son? She has invested all her resources into his development. For example, the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs – the same like the NSA, interpreter’s note) tried to use mothers to catch their sons at the beginning of the Stalinist repressions. Mothers refused, preferring to die themselves, but not to betray their sons. This is a reason why a son believes that if mother does not throw, then all women are like that. Also, mother never said anything bad about herself. She’s trying to raise the right man. Only the father could tell about the mother sins, so that son does not think too well of women. That is why women after a divorce do not want the father to communicate with children.

Let’s now think about how your “no” will make you happy? I use the “38 parrots” technique; there is an old Soviet cartoon where a parrot calculated the length of a boa constrictor using the number of parrots to measure? Now imagine, you have three million rubles, how much is it, the price in whores? I do not encourage you to use them; I suggest that you understand the price of sex. After all, you are afraid of losing sex. Comfort in the house? For the money that you have, you can hire a woman who will clean your house once a week. You can buy food ready-made. And at the same time there will be a complete absence of scandals.

Now, the main secret of women’s thinking.

Women’s “radar” works in automatic mode. Her main goal is a more resource-based male. She is living with you by considering you such a male (But the radar is not turned off, do not relax!). When it’s time to sell the apartment, she offers to transfer money to her account. You say NO.

  • “Don’t you trust me? What is it?” she asks;
  • “What’s my advantage?” you ask in response;
  • “My Bank has a lower fee” she argues;
  • “But it is psychologically easier for me and I feel more confident if the money is in my account.”

Then it is assumed that there will be hysteria on her part, tears, and all the list of female manipulations. Nevertheless, she will remain with you. First of all, you have the money. Second, you answered like a real earner. That is, she constantly offers you unprofitable schemes. If you were led – you are a sucker, a hopeless male, not a man, a schmuck, not a real earner. And when you do what is best for you in the first place, she will be outraged at first, but accepts your logic. You acted like a reasonable person. After all, she also does what is beneficial to her. Therefore, she continues to live with a sane man, a real earner, with a very promising male.

Constantly ask yourself the question “What is my benefit?” At first, it is difficult to even answer it. Practice will make it easier. Staying in the skin of a cuckold ends with this question. Let’s just say a female friend invites you to a party. She already has a boyfriend. But there are other girls at the party. Are you sure about this? Ask her directly if there will be free girls there? She should understand the purpose of your visit, see your benefits. If you don’t ask this, it may turn out that all the girls came with their boyfriends. And you came to see her beautiful like this. And you will not be alone; there are still five cuckolds – totally 6 suckers. You think that you are lucky, and the trip was not useless. But she has already decided for herself that if you are a sucker, then… She decided for you. Even if you ask later:

  • “Why did I come here at all?”
  • “This is friends meeting, you are still my friend.”

My congratulations! You’re in the “friendzone”.

Any woman believes that she is very well versed in men. But a simple question about the benefits is already ripping her template. She is surprised that you can think like that! Judge for yourself, she makes the cuckold bad, and he tolerates and does not say anything. Does that mean he’s a sucker, logically? It does not even occur to her that the guy suffers in order not to spoil the relationship. He thinks that everything will pass and get better. But the guy has logic, so he tries to be faithful, honest and expects the logic of “You give to me, I give to you”. But she has a lot of admirers; she wants to filter cuckolds quickly. It’s not for nothing that on a first date there is a trick when a guy says: “You look at me like you want to have sex with me, but I’m not that simple.” “Pick-upers” (men who pick up girls for one-time meetings – interpreter’s note) call it an inversion of the frame. Here I’m trying to explain the logic so that you can get out of any situation and not act like a trained dog after pick-up courses. How does this frame inversion work? The guy shows that he does not need sex. There is no benefit. She understood this and asks herself why the guy does not need sex. After all, guys only think about it. Conclusion, most likely you already have a girlfriend and regular sex. Why did the other girl (your girl) notice you? Maybe you have a million greens on your account and you are carefully silent? But you do not reveal yourself; it is profitable for you to hide it. She thinks that it may be easier to quickly sex with you, because usually everyone is pricked after that. E.g. there were brothels in Nazi Germany, where were wiretaps. The Gestapo recommended whores talk to the guest as much as possible. I.e. don’t try to make money quickly from the next customer, but lie longer with current, ask “how are you?”, “where do you work” etc. And the visitor told everything, even state secrets!

Let me tell you fresh example.

I recently passed a young couple and realized that:

1) People are strangers to each other.

2) This is their first date.

3) It had been failed.

Outwardly, everything seemed good, I was sure the guy thought the same. But the girl for herself has already decided that there was no sex. How did I know that? She asked him about his job. He answered honestly, and so on. She asked, and he answered like an interview. He did not do well for himself. For one thing, he didn’t know what she was. The guy was desperate for sex, no one gave him. He answered honestly to her questions on the logic of “you give to me, I give to you”. He looked like a “supplicant”. Second, if he worked at a cool job with a good salary and the girls found out how much he gets… A girl immediately had a question “If you are so cool, and I’m not so beautiful (I’ll tell you a secret: all beauties think that way about themselves) what’s the reason you are picking me up?” and she answered immediately “There should already be a lot of beautiful girls around you. And I can’t see them, so you’re lying because you’re desperate for sex.” Well, how to behave in such a situation? She asks me a question about my job, and I ask her what my advantage is in talking about my job. I just say that and watch the shock on their faces. After all, all the guys answer honestly. And here for the first time I got some special. Why does he hide his place of work? Maybe he’s a secret agent. Women go on to list his conjectures: “the Director of the Gazprom? The President Assistant?”

In general, the first date is a topic for a separate article. The main principle, do not be afraid to speak and behave like a real earner: “what is my benefit?” If the reason is because she’s beautiful, then you’re a sucker from her point of view. She doesn’t consider herself a beauty. The reason must be material. Girls have been manipulating boys since kindergarten. “Bring me paint and paper, I’ll draw.” but can’t you get up – you must say? Why should a boy strain himself, for what? Although they were still children, the boy was already being trained to serve the lady. This is a good boy. Positive person. A bad guy won’t do anything to a woman. A bad person acts according to his own advantage. He’s a great earner. That’s why girls want bad guys.

One of the laws of sales says that you should never immediately agree to a meeting. The client needs to make it clear that you have a schedule, your business is going well, and you cannot resort to the first request. Otherwise, you will find the following situation. Let’s say you are a real estate agent that is selling an apartment. You are approached by some glamorous kitty who wants to see the apartment. Out of habit she tries to bend you: “I’ll be coming back from the night club tomorrow morning, and I could watch it on the way back. Can you show the apartment at 5 am? That is, you need to get up at 4 am or earlier. And it’s not a fact that she will buy an apartment. Let’s say you are a cuckold, and kitty is beautiful, you immediately agree to terms that are not favorable to you. You arrive at 5 in the morning, and she’s not there. You write and call, but she still doesn’t answer. At 6 p.m., she shows up with a ridiculous excuse. She makes a new appointment for you in the evening before going to a night club. But she doesn’t show up again, just makes another stupid excuse. You lost your time and didn’t get enough sleep. And the second one affects the effectiveness of sales in general. When there is such a person with such offers, ask her immediately why go to 5 in the morning? After all, you will need to get up at 4 am. She will say that she may buy an apartment. And you retort that at 10 in the morning, you will definitely buy an apartment from other clients and you should get enough sleep to make everything go smoothly. After she receives a refusal, you in her eyes will raise several steps from the first called “sucker”. Another example, you are going on vacation, going to forget about work completely, but a nice employee girl asks you if something happens at work, could you help urgently. And you, as a cuckold, agree, because the girl asked. What do you get in return? You only get a job for a couple of hours, frayed nerves from force majeure and spoiled vacation. And do not think that everything will be smooth at work, according to the law of meanness, something will happen. The girl is asking for something, it should already alert.

Don’t be afraid to say NO. Remember how it ended when Adam took the Apple from Eve. This was the moment to say NO.

P.S. you can use this material for your videos, but specify the source in the description.


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