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Mafioso Boss “Cuckold”

Пол Кастеллано, босс мафии Гамбино

There is a common misconception that if you have money and power, you can solve personal problems on the love front. The VALUETAINMENT RUSSIAN channel posted an interview with an Italian Mafiosi, which had spoken about his “cuckold” boss. Let’s see.

  • Did Paul Castellano have the same qualities as the boss?
  • No. He never had the qualities that a boss must have. We had made him the boss, but he was wrong a lot. I thought he was an ideal, but he lost all my respect through a series of misdeeds. He lost the respect that Frankie had for him. Paul made a lot of mistakes in setting priorities and we were unhappy, tearing and throwing. He has changed, has become different than in the beginning – greedier. If you have so much money, how can you be so greedy? He made one wrong move after another. He’s obsessed with his housekeeper – that’s not what we’re doing here. You know, we act like men. We are not a pack of dogs. We don’t get testosterone out of our pants. One day Frankie and I were at Paul’s house talking to him. But he grumbled that Gloria, his housekeeper, was being questioned by FBI agents on the street:


– “She’s so beautiful but these agents..” Paul continued to get upset;

– “Do you want me to take care of this problem?” I asked him (it was meant murder).

He looked at me, but I felt a quick kick on my leg from Frankie, who was sitting next to me.

– “What have I done wrong?” I thought.

Paul looked at me and growled, ” Repeat what you said!”, his neck veins were swollen, I saw them a couple of times in this state, but now they just burst. And he growled again:

– “What have you just said?”

– “Paul, did you forget yourself for a moment? I mean, if you need me… am I saying something wrong?”

– “Oh, God forgive me, all right, let’s go” Paul said.

We left Paul’s house, moved away from the house’s video cameras. Frank hugged me and said:

– “You’re so crazy!”

– “What do you mean?” What is it? What’s the matter?”

– “He loves that girl. He’s going to kill us for her. Every fifth Cadillac in his huge garage belongs to her. And now she’s pushing his wife around. Sami, can’t you see how things are? Look how he reacted. You didn’t do anything, you said something, but did you see his reaction? He just exploded when you opened your mouth. And he still cherishes his wife.”

– “I don’t understand, but he has an infinite amount of money, he can choose the most beautiful girl on the planet, buy a house, a Cadillac for her, pay all the bills, come to her from time to time, do his business and go home. Why does he need this two-meter tall girl? Fat and scary in addition. What the hell? And he does this in his home with his wife and children…

As a mafia boss, Paul could get his maid (housekeeper) for free. It was enough to threaten her that he would deal with all her relatives. Yes, just rape her whenever he wants. But Paul Castellano turned out to be a fabulous cuckold. All are according to the genre: domestic prostitution, rewritten the property in her name. [Bad] love in General.

Author of publication: Gennady Kuznetsov.


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