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New dating after the enlightenment. How?

Now, how to make dating if following are cuckold’s attributes?

  • Ask woman’s permission for something;
  • Invite woman to a restaurant but man pays the bill;
  • Invite woman to the movie which is interested for her, not for man;
  • Be like a personal taxi driver for woman, by using man’s car;
  • Present gifts;
  • Present flowers;
  • Pay compliments and tell woman pleasant words;
  • Consider woman like the best friend who can hear all things;
  • Continue to call woman if she is ignoring;
  • Ask woman why man is not interested for her;
  • Say sorry for the made-up guilt, e.g. woman has broken her nail, but man is guilty.

Well, how does imagine a typical cuckold’s dating? Girl asks boy answers. Similar to the interview between job seeker and employer. Employer is getting impudent: 20 years of experience, knowledge of five languages…

Man is confused after the enlightenment. Some stops looking for a partner at all. Recently I realized that I had not seen the first movie about James Bond yet – “Dr No”. Then I decided to fill this gap. I was watching the movie like a man who had the enlightenment and I was asking myself accordingly the right questions. I was also surprised to find that Bond’s dating style was what I am going to write in the article. His style is not unique, and after reading the “Open Secret” you may say: “It’s not mine, I can’t do it.” But everything is fixed by practice and the character changes as well. Please do not despair.

Most of the audience watched movie by the wrong way. Men thought that all the bond women already had known that he was a secret agent and that’s why they gave themselves to him so easily. No, according to the film, the women thought that he was a sales representative of some international company and came to promote the product. He wore a suit as a representative and as a typical network marketing distributor. Doesn’t sound so appealing anymore does it?

How did Bond make dating? He treated himself with respect. “Yeah, here I am so beautiful, in a good suit; would you like to sleep with me?” If the lady refused, do not worry, there are many more ladies around. To increase efficiency, he did not approach each one, but only the one that shot eyes to his direction. Bond went on to say something like, “Do you like this hotel?” without any compliments to her direction and the phrase: “Girl, can I speak with you?” After talking about the hotel, James asked about her free time and if he could pick her up. Some ladies thought for a moment to realize this offer. If she answered “Yes”, it meant full agreement. Bond had visited an hour earlier, when he estimated the lady had just left the shower. Then he immediately kissed her and dragged to bed.

Why does this work? First, you immediately put yourself in a position of strength. A man who knows his own worth. He doesn’t ask or beg, doesn’t invite to restaurants, and doesn’t tell everything about himself in details. By the way, this is the same as seduction under alcohol. Both partners drank alcohol, the man woke up courage and he begins to undress the lady. Man should do the same, sober. You touch the lady with your hands, check whether she is against it, then you kiss her and take her to bed. Avoid conversations; this can be left for later.

From personal experience.

Once I met a very nice 18-year-old girl, she was small, fragile, looked at 15, and just entered the University. I immediately decided for myself that it was too much for me. That I don’t stand a chance. If that’s the case, why should I waste time on it? Nevertheless, she continued to be interested in me, asked questions that I did not seek to answer and all my answers were in the spirit of: “Yes, leave me alone,” in the end, I said that I do not like to correspond, and only appreciate personal communication. If she wants to talk, let her come to my house. She hovered. I was glad that I had achieved my goal. After a while, she asked what we were going to do at my house. I already had an answer ready that would send her away: “Make love,” I replied, savoring the way I had effectively gotten rid of her. I made a mistake again, she asked for my address, took a taxi, and picked up alcohol. She justified her arrival by saying that she liked my “joke”.

In addition

Once there was a program on TV where people were asked to tell about a quick casual hook-up. An employee of one office said that she had not had sex for a long time; she had already had dreams about this topic. One day a courier came to the office with a parcel, and she liked this courier. She took the package from him, shot eyes, he understood everything and offered to go out on the roof and smoke, but she did not smoke, but agreed. On the penultimate floor, somewhere in the back room (which she had noticed long ago), he hooked-up with her quickly.

It is extremely difficult for cuckolds to accept this manner of behavior, because they were brought up in every way to please the mistress, to be in the position of a slave begging for a blessing. The slave rejoices at the very thought that his mistress has spoken to him. Act like a master, and in any case you will win. If she refuses immediately, you will save time. If she will not refuse, so you will have a great time together. But you will lose if you run after her for a long time, and in the end you will get a refusal. And if you don’t get it, the sex will be so-so.


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