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Note To The Movie “Long Shot”

As Aristotle wrote about the construction of the drama two thousand years ago: “The impossible but probable should be preferred to what is possible but improbable.” I watched the movie “Long Shot”, starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, and I have been bombed. In general, as usual, I was going to turn it off, but for the sake of the Men’s Movement, I endured it.

Why is it important to view and evaluate such films from the Men’s Movement position? Let’s say a guy grows up without his own father. When the boy begins to be interested in girls, the mother will not help him much in this, she will tell only from her own, female point of view, but the boy will feel that he clearly did not say something. From that moment on, he will start looking for answers in movies. That’s how society gets a new cuckold.

And before that, there were a lot of movies that show unrealistic behavior patterns of a man who succeeds with women. What is so special about this movie? This is a new type of liberal thought, which is still presented only as a Comedy. Over the past decade, American liberal thought has descended to the argument that society forces boys to be masculine: it allegedly imposes on them the muscularity, the need to show the traits of a man. And what if the guy is cuddly, no longer shy of their feelings, that is, cry when he wants to. According to the imposed opinion of society, women will still love him. The biological role in relationships is completely rejected. Liberals believe that they can remake a person through education. And where biology still interferes with liberal thought, it is proposed to perform surgery.

There is prohibited all propaganda of non-traditional orientation among children in Russia. And that’s good, right. But there is no ban on demonizing men. Movies like “Long Shot” teach boys to be girls. Cry, whimper, and cower in a corner from the fear.

What happens in the movie? I will not retell the entire, but just note the moment Seth Rogen behaves like a woman throughout the film. Crying in the literal sense, panicking, begging, and so on. Charlize, on the other hand, runs around with a gun and shoots bad guys. Eventually, Charlize rewards Seth Rogen with sex. Through Comedy, the younger generation is inspired with an absolutely unrealistic biological model. Men are taught to be women. And after all this, women dare to ask where the real men have gone? That is, people who are the first to kiss, grab their private parts, drag them to bed, undress them. Thanks to movies and laws about sexual harassment, guys have become very cowardly. At a meeting with a girl, guys do not even touch them, at all, in any way. That’s why there are all sorts of courses where you pay money and get advice that you should try to take the girl at least by the hand.

I looked at the movie’s sponsors. Part of the money was invested by Charlize herself through her company. Generally, Charlize is known for a very bad character herself. No man can stand a long conversation with her. Actor Tom hardy left a note of apology in her trailer after filming Mad Max, as he expressed everything he thought about her during filming. I don’t think they have been communicating since then, but the apologies were just in case, to smooth out a conflict that may affect business interests.

Charlize also funds the democratic party of the United States. Democrats have this idea that there are more women in General, which means that if the presidential candidate is a woman, all women will vote for her. Since liberal thought rejects biology, the Democrats did not take into account that in times of crisis, the traditional model is included, that is, women follow men. That’s what happened in rusty American States that voted for a man (Republican Trump) in the election. The States are called rusty because of the transfer of production to China.

The liberal thought can safely develop in large cities, where social support is high. In depressed towns, women follow a man, and when they see a meaningful male, they try to take him under their wing as soon as possible.

What conclusions can we draw?

1) Please watch movies carefully. If you read reviews of the film on the Kinopoisk (the popular Russian website, which explains all about the movies – interpreter’s note), you will be horrified by the realization that no one understood what kind of shit is being slipped to the viewer.

2) Liberal American thought propagates that a man should be a woman. To vote for a woman in the election.

3) Liberals thrive in big cities; this mean there will be a big problem with sex. In small towns, the traditional model is included at the biology level. This is very noticeable in the elections. Outside the capital, they vote for a strong male hand.


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