Правозащитный союз 19 ноября

Защита прав мужчин и отцов

The Manifesto

Work directions:

The first (Enlightening)

Explanation of actual situation to millions of men in Russia and the entire Russian-speaking interested audience, regardless of their country.

Explanation of the social matriarchal skew essence and blatant men discrimination, all the causes of family disaster.

Informing wide layers of the population, new supporters attraction. This is necessary basis for public response, which allows changing current law to the good side for men.

The second (humanitarian) – the main.

Our goals are:

Promote following ideas assisting to:

create radical reform of family law;

REAL equal men with women before criminal law;

establish an equal retirement age between men & women;

ensure the actual equality of parents when they divorced;

ensure the real rights for each parent to communicate with a child;

ensure the child living practice with each of the divorced parents with a 50-50 chance;

ensure a possibility that decision on the child’s place of residence can be reviewed every 3 years;

create a concept of separate spouse property treatment in a marriage;

create a priority (real indisputable legal force) of the Marriage Contract over the Family Code;

eliminate bad law enforcement practices, that infringe on the presumption of man innocence when he is accused of rape;

raise significantly the prestige and pay for teaching activities;

increase the men amount n the field of pedagogy and educational activities;

implement practical measures that promote men’s interest in secondary and primary schools working.

Promote following ideas:

abolition of conscription in favor of the contract army;

“Men’s Health” extended state program development and implementation and the fight against men’s supermortality as one of the main national priorities;

abortion prohibition without the consent of the spouse;

voluntary paternity outside of marriage;

possibility of criminal prosecution for forgery when establishing paternity;

mandatory DNA test to establish the actual paternity of all newborns;

presumption of “non-paternity in marriage” – a man cannot be charged with paternity until the DNA test proved it;

countering the practice when women falsely accusing men of rape (“Shuryging”). It is necessary to immediately create real punishment systems for women who unfairly accusing men of rape (for revenge, blackmail, or financial gain);

minimization of the state interference into the internal family affairs;

phasing out the practice of alimony in favor of the marriage contract (it is necessary to full control and accountability in the spending of maintenance funds and equity spending by the other parent for the period until the full termination of the alimony legislation);

reorientation of the state to support the stability for the full family.

Equate radical feminism (that encourages hating against men) with extremism. Rejection of the “gender” and “equality of results” conception.

Counteraction to a negative man’s image in advertising and mass media.

The third (social-rehabilitation) direction.

Creation of services, Internet resources, and centers for legal and psychological assistance to men within the organization.

The Statute Book of the Egalitarian Men’s Movement.

The Egalitarian Men’s Movement is not and cannot be:

  1. The misogynist association. Because the EMM fights against any gender discrimination. It allows smart women-activists to be both among participants and beyond. The presence of “women-activists” does not imply a conflict with the strategy of maximum legal and personal security for men within the framework of current legislation and judicial law enforcement practice.
  2. A religion supporter or opponent. Because all such questions are outside the goals and format of the Egalitarian Men’s Movement. Attempts to impose religious views in promoting the ideas of the Egalitarian Men’s Movement are prohibited by the Statute Book and Rules of the Egalitarian Men’s Movement.
  3. Any ethnic or national idea participant or supporter. Because legal and social discrimination against men, fathers and children is a worldwide problem in many different countries and among many different peoples. The Russian-language Egalitarian Men’s Movement is part of a worldwide movement to protect the rights of men, fathers and children and to strive for legal equality of the sexes.
  4. A supporter of any kind of “Patriarchy” or “Patriarchal family”. Because the Egalitarian Men’s Movement stands exclusively for partnership and equality in family relations in conditions of equal legal and legal protection of social, parental and property rights of all family members – both children and both parents.

In addition, The Egalitarian Men’s Movement:

  1. Is a law-abiding Association, ready for dialogue with the authorities.
  2. Adheres he position that the main reason for the collapse of the family in Russia and around the world is the imperfection of family legislation and objective social, biological and economic prerequisites, but not the personal qualities of individual women or men.
  3. Does not and cannot have the slightest relation to LGBT communities and other similar associations.
  4. Contains the internal rules of ethics and communication of the Egalitarian Men’s Movement which prohibit personal insults or criticism that is not expressed in a civilized way between activists who have resources for public work with the audience.